Friday, October 22, 2010

Mitochondrial Eve

'Mitochondrial Eve' is a term for the most recent female ancestor through which the entire human race can be traced back. The term comes from Eve, the first woman according to the Abrahamic Traditions, and mitochondrial DNA, the DNA that travels through the maternal portion of the genetic gift that every child receives, which can ultimately be traced back to Mitochondrial Eve. Motochondrial Eve most likely lived in East Afrika, about 200,000 years ago. One common misconception is that Eve was the only woman. In reality, this would have been impossible. She was one of many women with descendents alive today, but only her DNA is present in modern times do to the fact that eventually the other matriarchal lines must have had one generation during which no women were born, and men do not carry their mothers' DNA past their own Generation.

Pictures of Diversity

A Man from Africa

A Man from Portugal

A Canadian Woman

A Spanish Woman

A Chinese Man