Monday, November 29, 2010

Ecological Niche of Your Favorite Organism

Favorite Organism: Tree Squirrel [Sciurinae Sciurini]
Squirrels live in virtually every habitat under the sun, though tree squirrels require dry woodland areas so that they can build nests and so that they can keep to the trees out of the reach of predators. The squirrel diet consists more or less of seeds and nuts so the squirrel ideally needs a large quanitity of nut / fruit bearing vegitation to stay healthy but squirrels are versitile and if there isn't enough vegitation in the area a squirrel will eat small veritbrates (such as frogs or lizards) or insects in order to survive. Squirrels gather food and hibernate during the winter so they need some sort of cove in order to stay warm, such as a tree-hole or a burrow hole in the side of a cliff, but this is not an extreme requirement for if there is an abundance of old trees or soft ground a squirrel will likely be able to make due.

Albino Tree Squirrel
White squirrel

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